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About Us

Who we are

We started in early 2011 .

Carrying local peasants and fishing was our family concerns and daily jobs.

Mark Molla the head of the family was a well known and loved by all locals in need of transporting their goods.

boat at the river

What We Do

We travel around the northern part of the country, make small efforts and projects on villages and in the same time pick what is most fitting and best quality hosting providers, gather them in packages and offer to you a peace of mind tour.

goats at village
bathing time

What Make Us Unique

We are presenting what we have, nothing artificial or ,, well mostly nothing..
We are inspiring local community to open up to welcoming western European cultures by offering what they have, this same primitive lifestyle they do inherit proudly in centuries.
Farm life, easy slow life, straight, simple and at a highest rate connected to nature.

Why Choose Us

On Time Schedule

Well, keep in mind this is not Switzerland or Oslo ))

Our services are sometimes flexible, so few hours may differ from schedule sometimes.

Either way if you have tight schedules, please let us know in advance.

Easy Steps & Process

Planning A to B, and especially when traveling with kids, we make a open and very flexible variety of choices in tour designing.

Quality Service

And yes, on top of all we make sure you get the best out of your time with us 

Meet Our Team

Niko Marku

Boat captain 

no idea

Milovan J

Travel Agent


Mario Molla

Travel Agent
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